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Selenite Wand

Ritual Theory

Spirituality and light shine through the ethereal healing crystal of Selenite. Ethereal and filled to the brim with goddess healing energy, it’s the perfect talisman for protecting against PMT and bringing your cycle into harmony. We use this on a daily basis to cleanse all the energetic frequencies picked up throughout the day! Great to keep in your home, office, and person! 

Best used for: Amazingly, Selenite can be used to clear other stones by laying them on top of a Selenite slab. It also connects very strongly to the third eye and other chakras and helps to purify their energies. It's sort of an energetic master healer!


Premium quality, Cut clean on both ends.


9-10 inches long /  0.5-1.5 inches wide 

Disclaimer: A natural item so please allow for some slight variation, assorted thickness.

How to Use Selenite 

Use a Selenite wand as an energy cleanser/eraser. Start at the top of your head. Holding the wand a few inches from your body, slowly bring the crystal down your body. Wave it downwards, or whatever feels right to you. Visualize the crystal taking in all the negativity, anxiety and worries from your day.

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