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Ritual Theory Tote Bag | Journey to Discovery

Ritual Theory

Ritual Theory tells us a story. We thrive and live by our core values of radical self healing, integrity, courage, and community. 

Ritual Theory simply started with an alchemist who wasn't fully aware of her own power making candles in her parents' basement. It then bloomed into a storefront that fosters people, community, and healing through different modalities.

When creating the "logo" for Ritual Theory, I went through various trials and errors with different artists until I met the beautiful Ash from Fire Designs. Through our very first conversation on the phone, I explained the energy I wanted this art to encompass. I desired the art to reflect an old age fairy tale book-letters with personality that tells a story through each crevice and curve. I wanted it to exude warmth, beauty, and big bruja energy. 

Ritual Theory is not a brand. It is a statement. It tells a narrative of blossoming, growth, and creating/discovering our own healing practices + rituals on this journey of discovering who we are when we stand in our true power. 

May this not just be a tote, but a reminder to always hold space and honor yourself, your story, and your path. 


  • 100% Cotton
  • 20" self fabric handles
  • 9" handle drop
  • Bottom Gusset
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