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Limpieza Body Oil

Ritual Theory

Limpieza oil is a velvety cleanse of lower vibrational energy. This anointing oil is your companion to stepping into your highest self, letting go of what no longer serves you, and activating your intuition. It was created as a decolonized approach to use as a tool to help shed any lingering negativity and integrate yourself with cleansing light.

Limpieza oil is also charged with black tourmaline and clear quartz to aid in your energetic revamp. This oil can be used to anoint any of your sacred vessels such as candles, baths, your body and beyond.

Magical Properties


White copal, mugwort and palo santo are the stars of this show.

Copal has been used for centuries in indigenous communities of Mexico and Central America to clear energetic blocks and cleanse the aura. It has also been used to aid in the process to opening the soul, intuition, and inspiration. It is a sacred gift from tree resin!

Mugwort has been historically associated as a protective aid and an activator of intuition.

Palo santo rounds this oil out as our star purifier of negative energy. Translates to “Holy Wood.” Traditionally used by Curanderos and Shamans to purify air, dispel evil spirits, and cleanse negative energy. It has been found to have anti-depressive, anti-rheumatic, & anti-stress properties. Can also create an effective mosquito repellent when burned outside!


While these anointing oils are designed to impart an energetic and spiritual shift, they also have loads of physical benefits when used on the body. The oil will naturally settle and you’ll see a separation of the copal resin suspended within the oil. After shaking it up, you apply an oil which has been lovingly infused with herbs, resin and crystals for 4 weeks. The oil is immediately absorbed into the skin, leaving a silky smooth texture unlike any traditional oil you’ve encountered. This magic is due to the resin of the copal! It imparts a velvety finish while also creating a shield of cleansing and protective magic around you.

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