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Gold Candle Care Set | Wick Trimmer + Snuffer + Pick

Ritual Theory

Elevate and ritualize your candle game by adding this candle care set to your repertoire! Ritual Theory customized candle care sets come in a glamorous chrome gold or black. Includes wick trimmer, candle snuffer, pick, and tray. 

Why Use A Candle Care Set?

Did you know you are supposed to cut your wick a quarter inch before each use? This keeps your candles from tunneling or releasing excess soot in the environment.

The bell candle snuffer is designed to extinguish the candle flame. This helps avoid problems with blowing out hot wax. It also avoids smoke and odor of a smoldering wick which results from simply blowing a candle out. Lastly, candle snuffers are traditional to the practice of candles. 

The candle pick can be used to carve your intention on the surface and also extinguish the flame by dipping it in the hot wax. 

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