Our Story

A recent graduate curious about the world amidst a global pandemic finds herself in the basement of her parents’ house combining all the elements of Earth one candle at a time. Gigi: creatress, poet, alchemist, and curator of experiences draws upon her love for mother Earth and infectious passion for the process of inner blossoming to fulfill her purpose as a vessel in this lifetime. Ritual Theory birthed as an outlet of creativity in a  basement shortly after graduating with a double BA in Anthropology + International Studies in 2020. By combining her love of thrifting and healing, she made a commitment to upcycle and repurpose tea cups, ceramics, and more to transform them into vessels of healing. Originally known as Venas del Sol, she started her business with only offering ritual candles, specializing in custom candles. The candles she creates are made to assist people on their respective journeys by helping one look inward and tune in. 

Gigi is also a level II reiki practitioner and currently studying the arts of shamonic reiki healing. She finds inspiration in her Mexican heritage and is currently recalling ancestral wisdom day by day. She is a world traveler and student of esoteric studies. In her daily life, you can find her exploring (especially in nature), sipping an artisanally crafted-usually botanical- beverage, reading, or playing with her 6-toed cat.